January 23, 2017

Watercolor Resist Valentines!

I love making Valentines with my kids! And they love having hand made pieces of art to pass out at school. So this is the perfect activity for just that!

Supplies needed:
-Watercolor Paper ( 140lb)
-1 piece of Copy paper
- watercolors ( Pan or Liquid watercolors will work!)
- Scissors
- white crayon or oil pastel
-water cup
-watercolor brush

Step 1: Make your template! Fold a sheet of copy paper in half. Draw half of your heart. Talk to your kids about symmetry . Then cut out and you have your template!

Step 2: Trace your template onto watercolor paper. Then cut out all your hearts!!

Step 3: Use Oil pastel or white crayon to draw your designs! Remember to press down hard when drawing your designs.

Step 4: Add your watercolor to reveal your designs!! This is where the magic happens!

Step 5: Once the front is dry flip your Valentines over and splatter the back.

Once dry you can use Sharpie or another marker to add your message!

Have fun!!

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