June 17, 2016

Listen in as Shanna Noel and I chat!!

Yay! It's here. How fun is this! I got to interview Shanna Noel on the Illustrated Faith Podcast.

I met Shanna a few months ago at a retreat in Kansas. And I am so inspired by her story! Not only do I love Illustrated Faith but more than that I LOVE how God uses his people and simple acts of obedience to do big things. Listen in and hear her share how she listened to God, what happened that caused fear and doubt to creep in immediately, what she had to step away from in order to step into what God was calling her to do, and so much more!

I think there is a lesson in there for all of us wanting to be used by God. Are we listening to Him, are we focusing more on him or what others say? Prov. 29:25 says ,"The fear of Man is a trap, but whoever Trusts in the Lord is safe.". Are we focusing more on what man will think or what God is telling us? And are we making the time to do what he wants us to do?

Wow, I know for me personally all of these topics hit a nerve and convict me just a bit... but they also encourage me. Shanna wasn't trying to do big huge things and start a big movement , she was simply being obedient in posting a blog post. Y'all, that's a God thing! So listen in and be encouraged by her story. And more importantly start listening to God as to what he is telling you to do too!!

Check it out HERE!

June 13, 2016

Shanna Noel... Y'all get ready!

I am super excited about what is coming up this week. It's no secret that I love to hear stories of how God uses regular people to fulfill his Big cool plan. Shanna Noel is definitely a girl being used by God. If you aren't familiar with her then perhaps you've seen the huge bible journaling phenomena. More people are in there Bibles than ever before. More Bibles are being sold. More people are really seeking what the scriptures are telling us. She's the chick that started this whole thing. (Well, to be clear The Holy Spirit started this whole thing but he used Shanna and we think that's pretty cool!)

I had the awesome opportunity to chat with her and interview her for the "Illustrated Faith " podcast and y'all, there is so much to be learned from her and her story. It's so interesting to hear how she listened to that little God nudge, how she was able to step away from some really good things in her life in order to fulfill what God was calling her to, how fear crept in when she took her eyes off God for just a second and onto what others thought instead, how God used a regular girl to do mighty things for HIS kingdom.

I really just love Shanna Noel and all that is going on with the Illustrated Faith and Bible Journaling community.

So if you haven't already subscribed to the Illustrated Faith podcast be sure to do so now . Here's a Link. Go subscribe! 

The interview should release later this week so be on the lookout!
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