March 19, 2016

Seashell Art

This is such an easy and fun art project . We did this while on vacation a few months ago. We spent the day at the beach collecting seashells. We didn't want to just take back a bucket of shells but we did want to make a little something to remember all the fun we had that day on the beach. 

So we went to the local hardware store and bought some wood in their wood scrap pile and some epoxy .

We had paint already at the beach house  so we got to work and made these fun pieces.
Here's how you can to!
1. Paint scraps of wood with acrylic paint.  Then let dry (or blow dry if you can't wait)

2. Let kids place the shells on however they wish. No need to glue in place . The epoxy will bind the shells in place.

3. Mix the epoxy . Just follow the directions on the box. Pour over your creation and let dry over night! 
* a few tips when pouring the epoxy. Lay down newspaper or a tablecloth .Then use two paper cups to suspend the wood block above the tablecloth. If it's sitting flat it will bind to the tablecloth after pouring the epoxy. You don't want that!)

Then don't touch until the next morning! It should be dry the next day ( depending on the humidity) 


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