March 31, 2016

Rice Bowl time!!!

If you are local to our studio check out the video and stop by the studio to pick your Rice Bowl up!

If you aren't local.. check out the video anyway and hear a little about Rice Bowls. Then you can set up your own Rice Bowl Campaign with your neighborhood kids, church group, office, or family! Check them out at

I have seen first hand what an amazing organization this is as I have traveled to Honduras and India with these guys! To see the thousands and thousands of kids they are able to help feed every month is truly amazing! Get in on the giving action! Order your Rice Bowls today!

You can read more about our Honduras trip here  and our India trip here

March 19, 2016

Seashell Art

This is such an easy and fun art project . We did this while on vacation a few months ago. We spent the day at the beach collecting seashells. We didn't want to just take back a bucket of shells but we did want to make a little something to remember all the fun we had that day on the beach. 

So we went to the local hardware store and bought some wood in their wood scrap pile and some epoxy .

We had paint already at the beach house  so we got to work and made these fun pieces.
Here's how you can to!
1. Paint scraps of wood with acrylic paint.  Then let dry (or blow dry if you can't wait)

2. Let kids place the shells on however they wish. No need to glue in place . The epoxy will bind the shells in place.

3. Mix the epoxy . Just follow the directions on the box. Pour over your creation and let dry over night! 
* a few tips when pouring the epoxy. Lay down newspaper or a tablecloth .Then use two paper cups to suspend the wood block above the tablecloth. If it's sitting flat it will bind to the tablecloth after pouring the epoxy. You don't want that!)

Then don't touch until the next morning! It should be dry the next day ( depending on the humidity) 


March 9, 2016

Easy Hand Lettering- Part 1

When using your sketchbook alone or along with your Journaling Bible this is a fun and easy way to write scripture. 

1. Start with curvy lines. Notice that they aren't all the same curve. The top line goes up and then dips down and then the second line dips down first and then goes up. Alternate the lines like this to add more interest. 

2. Then start filling in with words. I try to make most of my words fill the whole space from top to bottom. 

3.And then thicken with a sharpie, erase your pencil line and there ya go!

Leave it Black and white or add some color! Either way is fun!

March 1, 2016

Wanna Bible Journal but feel intimidated? Try this instead...

I totally understand the feeling of being paralyzed to draw or write in your Bible. " What if it doesn't turn out good?", " What if I think of something better later", " There are so many verses how to I focus on just one!", " I don't have time to do this right now".
I feel ya! Don't get me wrong I love Bible Journaling but sometimes I feel a little more free when writing and drawing in a sketchbook. 

Today I started with these simple supplies:
Moleskin sketchbook
Washi tape

 Then I just had fun decorating the page and leaving lots of white space in the middle to write. It's a good idea to go ahead and make a lot of these pages while you are in the creating mood!

Then use your space to write what you are learning, prayers, or in this case simply copying scripture into my journal. If you want to begin the practice of writing out the books of the Bible but don't know where to start try starting with James! It's a good one and easy to understand! 

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