February 23, 2016

Whatcha gonna do?

How to hear what God wants you to do?

Here's a little recap for ways that God speaks
1. His Word- The Bible
2. Holy Spirit- through prayer
3. Circumstances
4. Other People

I would love to hear what God is leading you to. Feel free to shoot me an email so I can pray for you and keep you accountable if you want that! kaseyau@gmail.com

Here's what I Bible Journaled this week. I absolutely want to "Declare His Glory" and be obedient to what he's called me to do!

These are the supplies I used:
Washi Tape
Acrylic Stamp Block
Water Spritzer
Illustrated Faith stamps - I bought them on sale on Illustrated Faith etsy site. DaySpring should have them on sale soon.

Can't wait to hear how you are going to be obedient and declare his glory!

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