February 4, 2016

Train Your Brain

My absolute life verse is Phil. 4:6-7, which I sum up to say " Don't worry about anything Pray about everything". Today I took some time to explore the verser that comes after that Phil. 4:8

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think on such things.
I had a life coach last year. She was great. One of the things we talked most about was getting into the right "state of mind". There were all kinds of exercises and most of them centered around really focusing on good, the positive, the best case scenario, you at your best, etc. 

Don't you just LOVE that the Bible gives such wise wisdom all throughout it. Easy access for anybody! You don't have to pay the big bucks for a life coach when you have the ULTIMATE LIFE COACH in Jesus Christ. He gave us this Bible as a guide and it's so so good.

So today, ask yourself what is TRUE? What is EXCELLENT? PRAISEWORHTY? 
Think on these things as often as possible. Write them down in a gratitude journal, stick em on a post it note, do what you have to do to start training your brain.
Don't listen to the lies of "You aren't good enough", "Who do you think you are", " You've lost whatever you used to have", etc.
 Listen to what is TRUTH. God loves you, has a plan for you, and works things for your good. 

How to get this look!
1. Apply Clear Gesso to page and let dry
2. Scraped Americana Bahama Blue and some green across the margin with a old business card
3. Added stickers from the "Whatever is Lovely" collection from Illustrated Faith and Bella Blvd. ( Here is a link. I bought them locally which is great because I didn't pay shipping. 
4. Used a micron pen to write " Train your Brain"

If you haven't tried Bible Journaling don't be afraid to jump in! It's such  fun way to interact with the Word! For my free class on it head to www.pzazzonline.com

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