October 15, 2015

Side effects of Bible Journaling

So I just started this whole Bible Journaling craze and it is so fun! I have used pen, crayons, colored pencils, watercolor, and acrylic paint to illustrate what God is teaching me and I gotta tell you it's so so fun! It has revived my love for the word. I can't wait to get up and read some of Proverbs wisdom and listen to what God is teaching through that passage. 

This past weekend we went to the beach and y'all this front porch is my most favorite place. So many dreams and plans have been made right here. And it's overflowing to Kloe too. She said she was it was a perfect morning with her coffee, drawing, and on the front porch. She is so my child! 

But what I really love and what just melted my heart is when I saw this scribbled in her notebook. She had been seeing my art journals and wanted to 'be like momma' and gosh.. I just love her. I love that at a young age she is understanding the importance of spending time with God and knowing his word. This was a very cool side effect of Bible Journaling that I didn't see coming. I wonder if they make any journaling bibles for kids? Or perhaps I will just buy her a sketchbook to use in conjuction with her kids bible. Either way, we're gonna stay with this bible journaling thing. It's revived my heart and is overflowing to my daughter... so yay for Art and all that it does!

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Cindy said...

I have been doing this for a couple months. It is very exciting to see how God uses His word daily in my life. I was wanting to learn and practice different fonts- but many times I find myself just meditating more on the Word then on my penmanship.

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