October 23, 2015

Seashell memory making art!

When I am on vacation my mind starts to overflow with fun ideas and art projects. Me and the kids had so much fun playing in the ocean and gathering shells. Cade was being so brave and dunking his head under the water. He would dunk down and then quickly say " I faced my fear"! Ha! I love that he is even aware of facing his fears and then doing it! We splashed, played, faced fears, collected shells, and it was just so great. 

So of course we wanted to make some art with all our fun shells! We went to the local hard ware store and got some wood, glue, and some resin and went to work! We already had paint at the beach house. 

Check out the final results. Aren't these fabulous! I love these! And the kids did them!!!! Gosh. I'm in love. Such a great art piece that reminds me of such a fun day spend with my kiddos and family!

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