October 8, 2015

Just when I wanted to quit

Has God ever called you to something but then it got so dang hard you really really wanted to quit. You asked God "Why!!". That was me just  a few weeks ago. For the past 11 years we have had a ministry of working with low income kids in our area. Our format for what we do has changed over the years and now we pick them up and bring them to church to our AWANA program every week. And y'all... it's hard. Over the years there has been so much struggle, so many discipline problems, so many disappointments to see kids you invest in turn their backs , it's just hard. So the other night on the church bus as we were taking the kids home I literally looked out the window as we were driving down the road and out loud just said " Whhhhyyyy??". I was asking God why in the world did he call me to this. Was he sure this is where is still wanted me . I felt ineffective, overwhelmed, and just frustrated. 

And then , this is so cool how God works and shows up, that very next week 3 of our kids accepted Christ. In just the short time of 2 weeks God has restored so much hope within this ministry and within my heart. Several of the kids have started asking for help on their projects. So of course I bring them to the studio and help them. It fills me so much to see what pride they take in creating work they are proud of. It was so much fun!

( These girls were making their own cook books and had to double, triple, and half the recipes. Some of the math was hard for them but they got it and I'm thinking they will ace the project!)
( Goodness, look at that giggle! I tried to capture it at it's peak! )
( The plant cell and animal cell project! I'm so proud they asked for help. They didn't limit their vision to what resources they had. They sought help. That is such a awesome life lesson and I'm so proud of them.)

And when this sweet boy got baptized I just heard God saying " Yes Kasey, I'm sure. This is where I want you. Don't doubt me and what I am doing".

Isn't that just the cutest smile from this shy boy. Gosh, I love him. I'm so thankful that we have such a big God who uses us despite our inadequacies and who encourages us just when we need it.

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