August 5, 2014

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. I entered!

Oh, this little picture above totally drew me and and I am all signed up for  Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search! We got our first assignment last night ( which made me super excited because I wasn't expecting it until this morning).

My running partner cancelled on me this morning at 5:30 which gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down and sketch before the kids woke up.

Here is my plan, I am going to sketch a minimum of 10 drawings that fit the theme within the next 2 days.

I will probably paint 2-3 of my favorite sketches. I am giving myself Thursday- Monday to do this. Then, I will get busy on getting it to my graphic designer, scanning it, making sure it's in the right format, etc. I have a huge mural job this week  at a local school so I am going to have to be totally disciplined to do this all at night when the kids go down for bed. I can totally do it. Sometimes juggling several big jobs seems to be my specialty.

My belief set is an interesting thing sometimes. Although, I know there are so many people better than me ( slightly negative but realistic belief) I still feel like the world is full of possibility( super optimistic belief). I am hoping that this competition stretches me and introduces me to new people who I can potentially work with. I do know that my art is a good fit for licensing in some areas. Its just a matter of connecting to the right people whose business and my art a good fit.

Thankful to Lilla Rogers for this cool opportunity! Here we go!

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