July 24, 2014

Giving back.. What we are made for

Giving report! 
Since returning from
Honduras in April we have pledged that every little artist ( or adult artist for that matter) who comes to P'zazz will be a part of our giving mission. For every painter we feed a kid for a day. Last month we provided over 1500 meals which brings us to a total of over 16,000 meals to orphans around the world through the  Rice Bowls organization. 

I think about our trip often and honestly long to go back. While I can't go every month like I would like to I can work hard here so we can give big there. 

My hearts prayer is that God will continue to expand my territory and give me more ways to use my art and my life to help others and give back in big ways. I know that he will..after all , that is what he desires for me too.

When you are asking for something that is in alignment with God's will their is no doubt that it is going to happen. I am just curious to see how he chooses to open doors. 

I love this journey called life. So thankful today for a job I love , a God who loves me, and a God who has come to give me a big ole full life!

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