June 21, 2014

Around here lately.

Oh it's been such a full few months! 
We had live music and open paint night at the studio by two of my favorite musicians! 

Summer art camps are in full swing!

Adult paint parties are also hoppin'. I still love that I get to meet so many new cool people all the time when I come to work. 

Our " All Boys " art camp was super fun!

And we are so excited about our new pledge to " Rice Bowls " . For every paying customer who comes to P'zazz.. That means  every kid, every birthday party attendee, every adult at an adult class or adult private party ,  Everybody.. We feed a kid for a day! In the past 2 months since we have gotten back from Honduras we have already been able to provide over 4000 meals for orphans around the world. Can't wait to see how many more kids we can feed in the coming months!

We sold our last tank ( also benefiting Rice Bowls). And if I can take a minute to dream here... I would love to have a product like this on a bigger scale. A product that people love that gives back in big ways. Right now I just dont have the man power to make that happen but if any readers have an idea and want to partner let me know!

I have been working on new collections for potential art licensing deals.

And my baby girl graduated Kindergarten!! How can that be? I started this creative adventure when I was pregnant with her. She was the  catalyst that gave be a shot of bravery to create the life and job of my dreams. I am so thankful that God has continued to have his hand on this business . I am thankful that he has used me  to inspire others and to do our part to make this world a more fun, cuter, and happier place !

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