January 5, 2014

Reflecting on 2013 and Moving Forth!

It was great to spend the past few weeks at the beach. The weather was beautiful and because it's not peek season it felt like we had our own private beach. As always I was able to do a lot of reflecting and thinking about the past year and what I wanted to do this coming year.
2013 was definitely a year of experimenting. Wow! I didn't realize how many BIG things I had attempted. I knew I had been restless in my creative life but geez.I..
1) dabbled in licensing ( only scratching the surface though)
2) created an online class for kids
3) franchised P'zazz
4) developed a product line with our fine art apparel to benefit Rice Bowls

Each of those would require full time attention if I really wanted to go forth with those in  a big way. So I have decided that 2014 is not going to be another year of restlessness. I am going forth with ONE dream until God closes the door. If he continues to open the then I will walk through them.

I am going to give this licensing business a go. Who knows if it will work out. I know it will be hard and a lot of work. But it also excited me in the same way that the idea of P'zazz excited me when I was first getting started. I didn't know if P'zazz was going to catch on or if anybody would sign up. But I knew it excited me! I had so many ideas and knew I could pour into kids and use my art. I still feel that way about it and it's been a huge blessing. With licensing I am so excited about it, have tons of ideas, and know I can make a difference in this world using my art.

I felt such a peace when reading " How to Listen to God" when it said that sometimes restlessness was God's way of getting your attention. When I read that I quit feeling bad about having this constant feeling of "what's next" and instead of trying to get rid of it.. I am embracing it.. listening to God because I believe it's from him. He is prompting me towards the next place he is leading me.

Can't wait to see where it is!

This is a little of what I did at the studio tonight.. Next up will be a whole collection around this piece!

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