December 24, 2013

Holiday fun!

Whew! What a whirlwind it's been. Here's a tiny sneak peak of what has been going on at the studio and around my house.

We had a few friends over to GiGi's for cookies and cocoa! Plus an impromptu dance party!

We had several " Cupcakes and Canvases" events at the studio. Complete with our own elf helpers.

Our after school classes made some cool Christmas gifts ...and adult classes were geared up with artists creating gifts as well!

Kloe performed in the nutcracker !

Lots of snowmen were painted.

Plus all my after school artists were treated to a free paint party ( plus it gave the parents a few hours to finish up shopping!) do you think I will ever get to old to paint my momma a picture for Christmas..ha! 

Now family is in town and we have had pajama and movie night, family get togethers and lots of good food. 

Looking forward to being off the next week or so and just enjoying these precious kiddos!

December 6, 2013


We are excited to be giving away 5 of our cool tanks over at! We are still just loving these and loving how much good they are doing. For every shirt sold a orphan is fed for a WEEK through the "Rice Bowls" organization! We will be traveling to Honduras in April with "Rice Bowls" to meet some of these sweet kids. So far the studio has been able to  provide about 6,400 meals . My goal is to reach 10,000 meals before we leave for Honduras! 

Plus, check out this fun way to wear them! Layered on top of a long sleeve shirt, throw a cool vest on top, and then pile on the necklaces! Love this look!

Buy yours HERE!

Greenbay - Giving thanks and giving back!

What an awesome time we had in GreenBay! We traveled to visit my brother and sister in law over the Thanksgiving Holidays. It was so nice to just hang out with family. But there is one event I simply must highlight. 
I knew I loved the community of GreenBay... But this just blew my mind. On Thanksgiving every year they open the stadium atrium and feed thousands of people who either can't afford a nice meal or maybe they just don't have any family to share it with. And this is not like a soup kitchen. This is like super fancy kind of dinner! They have the place settings exactly right ( coffee cup handle at 4:30, silverware lined up with the side of chairs, etc.) I learned that one of the highschool basketball teams came and did that the day before. A local restaurant donated the time to cook the food. The Packers donated the use of the atrium, tables, the kitchen, etc. And dozens of volunteers came to truly serve these people. It was just amazing really. About 1000 people were being served and another 1000 meals were sent out to homebound people. All for free... just local people volunteering some time on their holiday to serve others. Love it!

My sister in law and I served as greeters as the people came in.

and even extras like this ice sculpture added to how everybody went the extra mile to make these people feel loved and special..

A sky box was opened up so people could go see the field from that view!

So much fun and such an honor to witness such great people serving their community! Go Pack Go!

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