November 7, 2013

New product line! Fine art apparel!!

I am beyond excited about the new tanks!!! For the past several years I have wanted to have some sort of product that featured my art and gave back. I've always been super inspired by the TOMS business model and knew if I ever sold any kind of product that I would follow the same model of giving back. It honestly just doesn't make sense not to. We live in an area with such abundance and surplus that I really feel it's our responsibility to help the less fortunate. Sooo, after chatting with "Rice Bowls" ( who we are already partnered with through the studio, and who sponsors over 50 orphanages throughout the world) we have decided that for each shirt you buy we will turn around and provide food for an orphan for an ENTIRE WEEK. That's 21 meals! Just for buying a shirt.. and a super cool shirt at that.

Another thing I love about this shirt is that this piece of art was a true act of worship. You can read about it HERE. This is when I just went to the studio to paint and talk to God.. and the Spirit just reminded me of the words to the old hymn " I surrender all". If you look closely you will see those words on the side of the cross.

For now, we will have these in the tanks. They are great to layer with! Just click the "shop" button on the top of this page to order yours today!!

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