October 16, 2013

New Artist page

So I finally decided to open a new "artist" page on Facebook. This is separate from my personal page so that it includes everybody from all over and it is also separate from my P'zazz page that is used mostly for local folks wanting info on all of our upcoming classes and events. What's funny is that I started this page 10 months ago in January!! But I never asked anybody to join it ( because what if they didn't! Eek). But after posting a new painting on Facebook and getting over 100 likes it gave me the courage to start asking folks to come on over. So now I am asking you. If you want to follow more of my personal art growth, sales, and projects, check out www.facebook.com/kaseyhopeart.com. And to kick it off we are giving away 5 packs of these cards that I designed last year benefitting our local food bank!

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