October 28, 2013

Current craziness

This time of year is so super busy and so super fun. Here is a quick photo dump of what's been going on around here lately!

Pumpkin Patch field trip followed by pumpkin painting at P'zazz!

Parents Night Out at the studio! The Kids did a great job painting candy corn and pumpkins!

We've had LOTS  of birthday parties but this was one of my favorite this month! They were little fashion designers and all designed their own purse. Then we glued on flowers and jewels. So fun!

Painting a few samples for a new Mexican restaurant coming to town!

Designed the new Christmas card to benefit the local food bank!

Hosted several open paint nights and private parties for adults!

Haloween parties with the kids..

Kloe's first dance performance of the season..

Our after school students are studying M.C. Escher and doing a fabulous job of duplicating his "Drawing Hands"

We have also been working with chalk pastels in the studio this month. These are a couple of our homeschoolers!

And I am thinking about putting this on a tee. I would love to have a product to help raise more money for Rice Bowls. This is a work in progress though!

And these are a few of our designs that we are offering for private parties this upcoming Holiday Season. 
Whew! And it's only just begun! Once again, so thankful I get to do what I love!

October 16, 2013

New Artist page

So I finally decided to open a new "artist" page on Facebook. This is separate from my personal page so that it includes everybody from all over and it is also separate from my P'zazz page that is used mostly for local folks wanting info on all of our upcoming classes and events. What's funny is that I started this page 10 months ago in January!! But I never asked anybody to join it ( because what if they didn't! Eek). But after posting a new painting on Facebook and getting over 100 likes it gave me the courage to start asking folks to come on over. So now I am asking you. If you want to follow more of my personal art growth, sales, and projects, check out www.facebook.com/kaseyhopeart.com. And to kick it off we are giving away 5 packs of these cards that I designed last year benefitting our local food bank!

October 10, 2013

Listening to the whispers

Almost seven years ago I began feeling a tug..a small whisper that made me ask God " what's next, what do you have for me" . I so desperately wanted to hear him clearly. All I could hear though was that when it came time for me I have a baby God wanted me home to be the best mom I could be. To spend time with my child during those first years that I would never get back. It was strange to me that I was feeling this way. I never had this thought or desire before. My husband and I didn't have jobs that allowed this to be a reality. I was a public school teacher and he was a police officer. But everywhere I turned I heard conversation or saw signs that confirmed that this is what God wanted me to do. But HOW? He didn't reveal that immediately so if course I tried to take matters into my own hands and "figure out" how to make some extra money. I started selling jewelry for an amazing company and it was also an amazing opportunity. I signed on at the beginning of this direct sales company and actually had the very first party of the company! I knew that the earning potential was huge since I got in so early. BUT this was a choice "I" made instead of listening to what God wanted . It was a great company..still is..but it wasn't  God's best FOR ME. 
There is so much more to the story of how this art career came to be but for today I want to simply stop right there.
Is there anything in your life that although it is good...it not God's Best FOR YOU? Are you rushing God on a answer and trying to figure it out yourself ?
I can promise you you won't be sorry when you let go of it , wait, and listen to God instead. He's got a big ole cool plan for you!

October 5, 2013

Making change!

Last night we had our Rice Bowl Breaking/ Money counting party and it was so much fun! Several of my students had been filling up their rice bowls with change to support orphanages around the world. Last night we got together , cranked up the music, had free pizza, busted bowls, and started counting. It was so much fun to see how KIDS helped raise over $1300 in change! And honestly, I think we still have more people who still need to turn their bowls in so our total will probably be even more than that!     I hope these kids can truly "get it". I pray that they start to understand that to really live a full life is to serve others.  I am so super proud of them!

For more info on the Rice Bowls organization check out www.ricebowls.org

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