September 26, 2013

Pouring out

I had a really cool opportunity this week to speak to a group of freshman girls about goal setting and about deciding what kind of person they really want to become as they start on this journey of high school. The administrators have put together this program so that every freshman can attend. It's a day full of team building activities, goal setting, professional and personal development. It's just really cool and I was so glad I could be a part of it! I gave them all these cards above that I made from one of my paintings. I pointed out that the flower above doesn't look like a 'normal" flower. It's way more colorful.. it kinda stands out.. definitely doesn't look like every other flower.. but that's what makes it cool. And as freshman I hope they can truly "get' that.. That by not being like everybody else.. maybe even by standing out from the crowd a bit .. that's what makes us interesting. That's what it's like to embrace what God has given you instead of wishing you were more like someone else. We were able to talk about the power of intention and think for a moment on who they intended to be. I even had them write letters to their selves stating their intentions and then they sealed them up and addressed them to their selves. I plan on mailing them in a couple of years, mid way through high school, just as a reminder of their intentions. 

And wasn't this fun. These 3 freshman girls were all my little 2nd graders when I taught school!! Gosh, time flies!
Another day of being thankful for opportunities to pour into others!

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