September 11, 2013

One man's junk!

These old windows were almost thrown out to the trash when I spotted them at my dad's shop. He owns a window and door company. I saw them and instantly thought of all the fun we could have. So thankfully, he saved a few for me and last week several people stopped by the studio to create their own fun window!

The most exciting lesson learned when experimenting on these were that we really didn't need to use special glass paint. I have bought several different kinds of glass paint before and often I just can't find the color I want. For these.. we used regular acrylic paint and just coated it with a spray sealer when we finished. We did paint everything in reverse ( for example, we painted the black outline first and then added detail, and last blocked the main color on the flowers and sky) on the back side of the window, but other than that it was pretty easy! My original is the one in front of the brick wall. I think everyone did fabulous. Especially since most of them have never painted in reverse or on glass before!

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