August 13, 2013

Rice bowls!

I am so excited about this journey that P'zazz is going on as we partner with Rice Bowls to sponsor orphanages around the world.
I feel like this is going to bring to fruition a vision God planted in my heart a long time ago. I have known almost from the beginning of this business that God was going to use this for purposes much higher than myself. When we moved studios last year I felt it even stronger.
I have had a vision of P'zazz supporting an orphanage and eventually visiting that orphanage and creating real lasting relationships for several years now. I didn't know how it was going to happen but it was in my heart and mind.

Some of you may remember earlier this year when I tried to win the TOMS trip to go with them on a giving trip. I even wrote them several letters asking if I could just pay my own way and while we were there also do art with the kids. I thought maybe that was it. That was the vision I saw.I never heard back from TOMS and I didn't win the trip but I still 'knew' we were going to "go" one way or another.

Fast forward to now... I have been following a blog of Caroline Simas, who is super inspirational and kinda amazing. She has multiple licensing deals, raising 4 kids, gives back, uses her art to make a difference... and on and on. I just am super impressed with her. She also designes a series of candles through Bridgewater candle company that gives to the Rice Bowl organization. After seeing that on her blog I started checking out the Rice Bowls organization. I remember those brown bowls from when I was a little girl at church..we would fill them up and bring them back. We even did it a few years ago at my church with my little girl. But for some reason I never realized "Rice Bowls" was actually an organization. I thought those were just piggy banks helping to raise money for an offering goal or something.
So here we are. I called Rice Bowls. They were super kind and receptive and HERE WE GO!

I love seeing how God's plan unfolds. It's always so much cooler than I could ever expect. Can't wait to see how many mouths we can feed!

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