August 27, 2013

Art for Honduras! By kids..for kids!

So excited to have just sent off these banners headed to an orphanage in Honduras! This particular orphanage has 10 Casitas ( little houses) so we made a banner for each Casita. I am so excited to not only brighten up the orphanage but to have been able to give kids here a chance to use their art to bless others. Using your gifts to help others is a HUGE  life lesson that if they can get it and understand it at a young age they will be so much more fulfilled. 
I see people all the time chasing a self centered dream and it just doesn't ever satisfy. Using your life for purposes bigger than yourself... submitting your will to God's will and your plan to God's plan.. that is where true satisfaction comes.
I am re-reading Rick Warren's "What on Earth an I here for" and the first sentence just about sums it up.. "It's not about You". 
Oh, if we can teach this next generation that BIG  life lesson we have done a good thing. 

I am so very thankful to the people at Rice Bowls who have allowed us this opportunity. And this is just the beginning..woohoo!!! We are currently still passing out Rice Bowls at the studio. Can't wait to see how much we raise when we have our big bowl breaking/ money counting party!

If you wanna know more about Rice Bowls and what they do check them out at

And if you are interested in the process of how we made them it's simply this: We used old canvases from P'zazz, the ones that I use for samples when I am teaching and then don't know what to do with afterwards. We drew a cross on each canvas and had the kids paint the background. Then they were to look at the design left in the cross and see if they could use the lines or pattern to build upon it to make something interesting. Some kids left it as is and others painted completely over it. After they were dry we cut them off the wood frame, stitched them on the canvas banner ( thanks to Mrs. Debra Platt), and then added the lettering, wood dowel, and ribbon. Lots of fun!

August 24, 2013

Painted paper!

This is one of my favorite projects. I always love black and white with a pop of color so these pieces totally make me giddy! Love the way they turned out!

First we painted on wax paper using regular acrylic paints. We used warm colors on one piece of paper and cool colors on another. We made sure to completely fill the page so no clear wax paper was showing. There is so much freedom in this part.. paint abstract or an object it doesn't matter because this isn't the final product!

Let the paper dry. Decide on your focal point. Then draw your chosen object on the back of the painted paper (Not the painted side). Then cut out and apply to canvas using Mod Podge. When the Mod Podge is dry give everything a nice black outline and add in your background. There you have it! A super cool piece of art!

August 23, 2013

Wet on Wet technique for Kids

Here is a quick mini lesson on a fun watercolor technique that we love to do at P'zazz! This is a little longer than my regular tutorials. Think of it as a mini P'zazz art class that you can do at home. Have fun with it!

First, decide on your drawing! 

Then play around with this fun technique!

Then put it all together! You've got a fun piece of art!

August 16, 2013

Wanna share these with yall!

Here is a quick plug for 2 products that I have fallen in love with this summer for craft time with my little girl. Even though she has a full art studio at her finger tips it's still fun to do things with just us at the kitchen table.
First up..
1) Kiwi Crate- If you haven't heard of Kiwi Crate you have got to check them out. They are more geared towards younger children ( 3-6ish). This is a subscription based craft set that comes in the mail each month. It arrives in a green box and has about 3 different projects in each box. Everything you need is right there ( seriously , everything, tape, hole punchers when needed, scissors, markers, etc.) This month it's all about flight. In this picture Kloe is busy building her kite. Afterwards she had a blast running around the house flying it!

2)Loopdedoo- I found this fun little gadget while vacationing recently and I was super excited about it. It's a new quick and easy way to make friendship bracelets. Yall, we made one in about 4 minutes tops!  I remember these things taking hours when I was a little girl! Luckily Kloe loved it just as much as I did!
Check out the video to see how easy it is here!

P.S. either of these would also make great Birthday or Christmas gifts for your little creative one if you wanna get a jump start on your shopping list!

August 13, 2013

Rice bowls!

I am so excited about this journey that P'zazz is going on as we partner with Rice Bowls to sponsor orphanages around the world.
I feel like this is going to bring to fruition a vision God planted in my heart a long time ago. I have known almost from the beginning of this business that God was going to use this for purposes much higher than myself. When we moved studios last year I felt it even stronger.
I have had a vision of P'zazz supporting an orphanage and eventually visiting that orphanage and creating real lasting relationships for several years now. I didn't know how it was going to happen but it was in my heart and mind.

Some of you may remember earlier this year when I tried to win the TOMS trip to go with them on a giving trip. I even wrote them several letters asking if I could just pay my own way and while we were there also do art with the kids. I thought maybe that was it. That was the vision I saw.I never heard back from TOMS and I didn't win the trip but I still 'knew' we were going to "go" one way or another.

Fast forward to now... I have been following a blog of Caroline Simas, who is super inspirational and kinda amazing. She has multiple licensing deals, raising 4 kids, gives back, uses her art to make a difference... and on and on. I just am super impressed with her. She also designes a series of candles through Bridgewater candle company that gives to the Rice Bowl organization. After seeing that on her blog I started checking out the Rice Bowls organization. I remember those brown bowls from when I was a little girl at church..we would fill them up and bring them back. We even did it a few years ago at my church with my little girl. But for some reason I never realized "Rice Bowls" was actually an organization. I thought those were just piggy banks helping to raise money for an offering goal or something.
So here we are. I called Rice Bowls. They were super kind and receptive and HERE WE GO!

I love seeing how God's plan unfolds. It's always so much cooler than I could ever expect. Can't wait to see how many mouths we can feed!

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