March 24, 2013

This past week at P'zazz!

I love all the different types and ages of people this job allows me to meet! Here is a peek into what we did this week!

March 10, 2013

Whhhoooo wants to paint!

By far our most popular painting this season! Check em out!

March 5, 2013

TOMS giving trip!!

TOMS is giving some lucky folks the chance to go on a giving trip with them! Everything in me wants to go on this trip. So I am begging you to take all of about 10 seconds and vote for me! I need a lot of votes to be considered. They only take 50 people. But yall, this trip would rock my socks off! It's with a great company doing what I LOVE.. helping kids! So I would love if you voted and shared with your friends.


March 1, 2013

Watercolor week at P'zazz!

Check out what my k- 6 students are up to this week! Kinders did the trees. 1st-3rd did the hearts. 4 th - 6 th did the birds, fish, and landscape.. Hate I didn't get pics of their birch trees! Such talented kiddos that I get the privilege to teach!

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