February 10, 2013

Inside my studio

For those of you who have never been to P'zazz..here are a few of my favorite parts of my favorite little art studio!

Please pay careful attention to the last picture of my stand up wooden easel. It is super special to me. My husband gave it to me as a gift for our first wedding anniversary. At the time, that was a big purchase and splurge that we really couldn't afford. Also, I was not an art teacher, I didn't have my own studio, I had no clue that I would one day own a children's art studio , all I had was dreams. I didn't know the exact path of my dreams but I knew I wanted to go in the direction of art. I am so very thankful for a husband who has always believed in me and supported me. And to you other dreamers out there.. My advice is to just take the next step. This easel was the next step at the time, it started in a guest bedroom that we turned into " my gallery" ha.. Then it moved to the first little P'zazz inside the yellow house, now it stands in front of hundreds of people every month. And I am always thinking about what the " next step" will be. I am not sure but I am certain HE will reveal it in due time. For now, happy looking!

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