January 24, 2013

Just a normal week at the studio!

So lately I have really had the desire to up my game and produce better art. Not simply art for my students and classes but awesome art that comes from within.. Not to fulfill an order or to please someone else. And honestly, it's hard! Sometimes I beat myself up over not producing enough. I have made about 8 new pieces in the past two weeks and would like to be making about 10 new pieces per week. But God reminded me to look at what he's given me. I Have an awesome opportunity to pour into others life every single day through this studio. AsI looked back over pictures from the past week I actually am kinda proud that I produced any new pieces at all in the midst of it all. We have had birthday parties, daily kids classes, adult classes at night, private parties, and commission pieces. I didn't even include pictures of the kids at the after school program , or most of my studio kids, or the mural I did for a lady yesterday, or the team building group. Sheesh! So today, I am not beating myself up for what I haven't accomplished, Instead I choose to be thankful for all that God has given me in my small space of this world!

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