January 27, 2013

Hidden treasure

I am in such a blissful state right now. Those close to me know that I crave quite time by myself to just think and listen to God. My favorite place to do this is at the beach but since we don't live near the beach any place in nature is next best. However, usually my quite thinking time is at the studio on Sunday afternoons. Yesterday, however, I went exploring and found this little gem of a place in my own backyard!! How have I never found this before...probably because I have always been intimidated by the mass of vines and weeds at the woods edge. My sweet husband trimmed them and aloud me to explore and wow....it's so quiet, so serene. I am in love. Brought my cup of tea and journal along with me. Ahhh, lots of good thinking and creating is going to take place here. I can feel it!

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