January 27, 2013

Hidden treasure

I am in such a blissful state right now. Those close to me know that I crave quite time by myself to just think and listen to God. My favorite place to do this is at the beach but since we don't live near the beach any place in nature is next best. However, usually my quite thinking time is at the studio on Sunday afternoons. Yesterday, however, I went exploring and found this little gem of a place in my own backyard!! How have I never found this before...probably because I have always been intimidated by the mass of vines and weeds at the woods edge. My sweet husband trimmed them and aloud me to explore and wow....it's so quiet, so serene. I am in love. Brought my cup of tea and journal along with me. Ahhh, lots of good thinking and creating is going to take place here. I can feel it!

January 24, 2013

Just a normal week at the studio!

So lately I have really had the desire to up my game and produce better art. Not simply art for my students and classes but awesome art that comes from within.. Not to fulfill an order or to please someone else. And honestly, it's hard! Sometimes I beat myself up over not producing enough. I have made about 8 new pieces in the past two weeks and would like to be making about 10 new pieces per week. But God reminded me to look at what he's given me. I Have an awesome opportunity to pour into others life every single day through this studio. AsI looked back over pictures from the past week I actually am kinda proud that I produced any new pieces at all in the midst of it all. We have had birthday parties, daily kids classes, adult classes at night, private parties, and commission pieces. I didn't even include pictures of the kids at the after school program , or most of my studio kids, or the mural I did for a lady yesterday, or the team building group. Sheesh! So today, I am not beating myself up for what I haven't accomplished, Instead I choose to be thankful for all that God has given me in my small space of this world!

January 22, 2013

Parents Night Out at the Studio!

What fun we had at P'zazz! We held a Parents Night Out recently and had an absolute blast. We started the night with pizza and painting.

 Then we split up and some played games while others watched a movie using our fun projector    donated by a friend!

At the end of the night new friendships and awesome art had been made! Fun stuff! www.pzazzart.com

January 21, 2013

New Collection!

What I love most about this new collection is that it was completely organic! By that I mean that had no intention of it turning out like this. I LOVE when paintings have a life of their own. If you saw my last post on how this butterfly painting was formed you saw that there was no intention in it other than just expressing myself one step at a time.  What an incredible reminder of how God works in my life. He never shows me the whole plan at once. I just have to follow the next right step that he shows me. Much how this painting turned out with one step at a time God is calling me to simply listen to the next step in life and not worry about the final outcome. He has already blessed me beyond measure. I have no doubt that I am in his hand and he's got my back. That's a pretty good place to be!

January 15, 2013

Process of the painting

I began this painting with no plan whatsoever ever. It was just a fun time with my little Kloe . I currently love painting big and carefree! I began writing words that I wanted my daughter to grow up to know and words that I need to be reminded of. Then I got messy and rolled a bunch of the colors together. I walked away and when I came back it was like making pictures in the clouds... I could see a butterfly taking shape. After a little dabbling this is what we have! Still want to add a few things.. Words particularly.. Just not sure of the right ones. Any suggestions?

January 13, 2013

Art that gives back!

I love love love being part of things that are so much bigger than myself! Recently a local print shop asked me to team up with them to create some cards that would 100% benefit our local food bank. Really, it's much more than a food bank. The Autauga Interfaith Christian Center ( A.I.C.C.) provides food, clothes,and even financial support to those in need in our community. I am so excited to say that through selling these cards we were able to give $1200 to the AICC! I love thinking about how that money is going to make life a little easier on somebody having a hard time. Maybe it will provide food on the table for a family, or help paying a bill for a hard working single mom that can't seem to get caught up. Whatever the case may be I am so honored to have been a part of this.

Draw what you see!

I love teaching my students at P'zazz Art Studio. Here they are drawing feathers with chalk. This is a great activity to force you to really look and observe what you are drawing. I Think they did fabulous, don't you?!

Just opened an etsy shop!

Here goes! I am putting my art out there and we will see what happens next. I am honestly not sure how this will work. I wonder....will my art get lost in the massive amount of other art, will anybody ever even see it, do people really buy art online or would they rather touch and hold it? These are all questions that only time will tell. I am fully trusting God to lead this next part of my art career. The only thing I hear him saying now is to create art and to get it out there. So that's what I am doing! Would love for you to follow the blog or my etsy shop. My goal is to add new paintings every Sunday to the shop! Find me here....http://www.etsy.com/shop/KaseyHope. There is also a link at top of my blog page!

January 11, 2013

January 5, 2013

Love this from Jessica swift!

I just had to share this with y'all! I identify with so many of the goal!!!. Maybe you will make some of them your own too! Jessica is even offering a free printable of it! Check it out here http://www.jessicaswift.com/_blog/treasuring/post/hello_gorgeous_2013/

January 3, 2013

Just for fun!

Sometimes circles are just a way of putting paint to canvas without having to think to hard! Just what I needed today!

January 2, 2013

New year, New style

Picasso went through a blue period, a rose period, his cubism phase etc. Well I am going through my own " mixed media period". I think you will be seeing lots of this style from me this year, It's so much fun. Here is my newest piece designed for my adult classes at the studio.

The background uses modeling paste laid on with a pallette knife. Once that dried we rubbed some gold metallic paint and brown on it to accent the texture. Then started painting and adding the message with sharpie paint pen. Finished it up with a spray gloss and it's done!

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