August 21, 2011

New York!

Was so much fun!! Below was our view from inside 'The Lion King" theatre.. (it's not called that.. but I don't remember the theatre name). I can't believe I have never seen The Lion King until now. It was just what I had heard about it.. AMAZING!

We stopped by the TODAY show to hear the Zac Brown Band!

Visited the Regis and Kelly show

Who knew he just walked to work

Headed to FAO Schwarz Toy Store. I thought it was interesting to see some of the sketches and layouts for Barbie designs. What a fun job that would be!


This pic below is from Stardust Diner. It's a great little diner and all the waiters and waitresses are actors waiting to make it on Broadway. In between serving they do awesome songs and dances. This place has a good track record too... in the past 6 months 12 of the waitstaff have made it to Broadway! So much fun!

Makeovers at Saks 5th Avenue! This pic is my little cousin Batia. It was her first makeover. Isn't it fun to be a girl!

This was my morning view! I got to sip my coffee and overlook this great city! However, as cool as this view was.... nothing beats the view of God's creation. I was kinda longing for some green trees or blue water. Concrete just can't compare.

This particular restaurant served coffee like this. I am sure this is how some other culture does it.. but I don't know which one. It was different drinking coffee without a handle... but I loved that they brought you a miniature little coffee pot and creamer along with the coffee.. so much more posh than those little white paper creamer cups!

Yes, I LOVE the creativity in this city!

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