January 26, 2017

Marker to Watercolor Technique!

These are super fun and easy Valentines!

Supplies Needed:
Watercolor Paper ( I like the 140 lb)
Watercolor Markers ( Crayola Bold pack works great!)
Small Brush
Black Acrylic Paint

Step 1: Cut your paper down into the size you want for your Valentines. (This makes for a great math lesson for kids who are learning division. Have them divide the total length of paper by 2 . Measure, mark your spot, and cut. Then divide the width by 2 and do the same) 

Step 2: Draw with washable marker. Don't fill your space completely in. You will fill with color once you add water.

Step 3: Add water with your small brush. Let dry.

Step 4: Once it's dry you can use some black acrylic paint to add some definition. I suggest adding a little bit of water to the acrylic paint to make it a tiny bit more flow-y.

And that's it! Easy Peasy Watercolor Valentines! 

January 23, 2017

Watercolor Resist Valentines!

I love making Valentines with my kids! And they love having hand made pieces of art to pass out at school. So this is the perfect activity for just that!

Supplies needed:
-Watercolor Paper ( 140lb)
-1 piece of Copy paper
- watercolors ( Pan or Liquid watercolors will work!)
- Scissors
- white crayon or oil pastel
-water cup
-watercolor brush

Step 1: Make your template! Fold a sheet of copy paper in half. Draw half of your heart. Talk to your kids about symmetry . Then cut out and you have your template!

Step 2: Trace your template onto watercolor paper. Then cut out all your hearts!!

Step 3: Use Oil pastel or white crayon to draw your designs! Remember to press down hard when drawing your designs.

Step 4: Add your watercolor to reveal your designs!! This is where the magic happens!

Step 5: Once the front is dry flip your Valentines over and splatter the back.

Once dry you can use Sharpie or another marker to add your message!

Have fun!!

Chalk Pastel Flower

                         Hey, guys. Chalk pastels are one of my favorite mediums. They are different from oil pastels. They’re chalky, so they’re messy, but they are beautiful. I’m going to create a flower step-by-step. I'm going to go over just a few things you need to know about pastels when using them. So check out the video and enjoy! 

Step 1:              Draw your flower! 

Step 2:             Add Chalk pastel! 

 Step 3:            Now it is time to start blending, I love this part! 

Step 4:             Add in a touch of black around the edges.
Step 5:             Spray with fixative

Step 6:             Frame and enjoy! (This is best when put behind glass to help preserve it!)

November 8, 2016

Kids Online Art Classes!!!

Want to bring our studio to your kitchen table? Now you can!!! We are releasing our online class for kids tomorrow!! We will be exploring watercolor, painting, pastels, and printmaking. This class will run from Nov.-Jan. Each month you will get 2 new lessons, access to our private Facebook group with Live video lessons, plus immediate access to our "Texture Course", Our "Pastel Angel Class" and "Fun with Frisket" class ($60 value). You get all this for just $19.99 a month for 3 months. You can cancel anytime so no pressure!

So sign up today for immediate access to our fun classes. New ones coming at you tomorrow!! 

October 28, 2016

New Angel Art- Great for the Holidays!

I am super excited about my new angel collection now available over at Oopsy Daisy and Greenbox Art! You can buy them online Here! They make great Holiday gifts for others or to decorate your home with! 

September 19, 2016

What to do when you can't stop worrying?

Recently I came through a season of really heavy worry. The kind of worry that feels heavy on your chest, that consumes your thoughts, overtakes your emotion, and steals your joy. That is what I was experiencing. And not just for a day.. for several months.  I know that God's word says not to worry. Phil 4:6-7 have been my life verse for as long as I can remember! "Don't Worry, Pray" is painted on canvases all around my studio. Those words on my heart and in my mind. I know good and well God doesn't want us to worry. But this time, I felt powerless. I just had this intense conversation with God and told him " God, I don't know how to not worry this time. I have tried to just release this but it still consumes my mind. I feel like I need to DO something. God tell me what to DO. If I am going to remove the worry what can I replace it with? If I am going to be victorious with the DON"T ( Don't worry) then tell me what to DO  in its place!!".

I didn't hear anything for a while. Then I turned to Job. I figured that was a good place to start. Every bad thing that could happen to Job happened. So what did he do. Job 1:20 says " he fell to the ground in WORSHIP". That's what he DID. He WORSHIPPED!

Ok God, I thought, that's it I will Worship. "But God how is this really gonna help? Is this gonna just magically fix my worry?" That's when I saw the commentary in my Bible that explained it beautifully.

It says that when we Worship we are telling God who He is. We are verbally telling  him that He is the ultimate provider, healer, protector. He is good. He is all powerful. When we are verbally saying or singing that out loud to God our Perspective starts to change. When our perspective changes from trying to control the situation on our own to realizing that He is God and we are not then we are in a place of Humility . Out of that place of Humility is when we are Teachable. And being Teachable ultimately led Job to gain Victory over his losses. And that's what it can do for us too.

When we turn Worry into Worship we can shift our state to be able to receive the lesson that God wants to teach us so that we can ultimately achieve Victory in the situation.

Thank you God! Thank you Thank you! Y'all, I don't know how to describe it but when I literally started worshipping all day. Like I had praise music on ALL Day! And I didn't just listen to it. I sang it. My heart meant it. I flooded my mind with WORSHIP . When I did that the burden of worry was truly lifted from my chest. It took a little while for the situation to actually change. But in due time it did change and God showed out. But the miracle came when the physical heaviness was lifted from my chest. When my mind was no longer scared and consumed. When instead, I focused on how Big my God was!!!

August 13, 2016

New Online Class!! " Fun with Frisket" just released

Want to learn more about how to use Frisket in your watercolor pieces. Or maybe you just want to try your hand at watercolor. This is a great place to start. You will love using frisket! It's super fun and kinda addicting! Our mini course is just $15! For this weekend only use the code "JUST10BUCKS" and get it for just $10!!! 

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